Saturday, September 15, 2007

Some Little Lovelies

Isn't that lamb the sweetest thing ever? My daughter went to town for some last minute Vegas trip supplies and came home with this lamb, bubble bath and a cute emery board for dear old mom. I think I'm getting buttered up for something.....but she's airborne tomorrow.
The 5 x 7 canvas is an acrylic, by a friend, of my old jewelry business sign (hence, the name of my blog).
The other pics are my Charge-It Fairy charm by Sally Jean Alexander. I just found the tiniest easel today that finally fits it-kind of like Goldilocks- I now have at least 7 easels plus a fork. Okay, well, the tines were bent to make it into an easel, but it was, *sigh* too big. So, I made it a business card holder upstairs. The fancy silver easel I made into a business card holder downstairs, and I still have easels to spare! But now I have one that's just right. No wonder the back of the charm says "She Couldn't Help Herself....It's So Me!"

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