Sunday, September 9, 2007

So Excited - Home Page Honors!

I was frolicking along, reading the posts in one of my groups, ARTchix Studios on Yahoo when I let out a little gasp, as one of the posts was congratulating *ME* for creating the art on the home page. I couldn't believe it!
I didn't even know I was on the home page. How cool! This is the piece of art, Dream in Color, that was chosen. It was one of six artist trading cards I created for the ARTchix Fairy Dreams swap, using ARTchix products (as if that's a problem!).
This has been such a fun and supportive group. I have already done several swaps, trades and may even meet some Chix in person for an ATC-making day this month. We do have Chux too, in case you are wondering. ARTchix is such a pleasant company to order from-check it out here.

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nancyb said...

How very cool for you! Congrats! It is a great piece and no wonder they choose it!!