Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sally Jean's Pretty Little Things - for Me!

I was so pleased to finally receive the charms I ordered from Sally Jean, author of Pretty Little Things. I had been coveting these miniature silver soldered collages for months, and then to my surprise, the book was our ZNE August Book Club assignment. After a month of pouring over the book and completing writing and art assignments, my charms arrived, as if to reward me for "graduating." I added the four small ones (G, create, home and chocolate chip fairy) to a silver charm bracelet where I also added danglies I made out of "that" turquoise as Sally Jean calls that shade of robin's egg blue. The larger pendant, the Shopping Fairy, could make a necklace or I am hoping to find a tiny silver easel for it. It is about 1 x 3 inches. The charms are much tinier. Love it!

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