Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy Chinese-y, I Mean Cheesy New Year!

Just a little ridiculous humor for my Artists of Chubbyville on Yahoo- All Originals January page swap with the theme "Year of the Rat." It made the home page here:
I was having trouble getting an idea until I saw the picture below, as I much prefer cats to rats. And certainly cheese rates right up there with cats. I understand our hostess this month was born in the Year of the Rat and likes rats, and apparently fostered one, although I don't know that story. I hope she will find humor in my page. Don't want to be sent packing from Chubbyville! Chubbyville is part of altered artists on-line and deals with 4 x 4 pages for fat books. I am about to bind all my pages for 2007, and will have to post pages of my first fat book soon! It also happens that I participate in 4 x 4 Friday, which is a weekly challenge to make art that is 4 x 4, so sometimes my pages can do double duty for that!


Sandy said...

What a fun challenge Gina!!Thanks for posting my Vintage Valentine Badge!!! I hope you get some awesome Valentines!

Sandy xox

Leni said...


Silvia said...

How funny.

Angela Hoffmann said...

aw so fun to see my mouse fairy image being used....what a fun page..I have to confess...we have a rat as part of our family 16yr old daughter loves them~
thank you for your comment...i feel better now! now off to go find your post...