Thursday, January 31, 2008

Now Available in Hard Cover, or Soft Cover, Written by Zoe Aarden, Edited by Me

No, I'm not on the wrong blog- although this is also posted on my Blythe blog, Blythe-O-Mania Untamed at the above falls squarely under art and letters for me. You see, on page five of the hard-cover book above (or soft-cover, your choice) , my bio is featured with the lovely title of "editor." Now that's enough to make any journalism grad's heart go pitter-patter, but add to that my love of crochet and all things Blythe, and I am in seventh heaven right now!
I just ordered my own copy, and you can too, either from Blurb or on ebay. Here are a couple of links: or I have tried the hat pattern several times, and there are 21 other yummy crochet patterns. There are lots of great color photos and great Blythe settings. Congrats to author and photographer Zoe Aarden and her fantabulous editor, oh, eek! that's me!


Heidi said...

This is awesome Gina!
I hope the girls are enjoying all the new tunes:)

LunaGraphica said...

I felt *so* bad I had to drop from this swap. I hope Chrysti forgives me some day. :-( I had some family stuff going on and just couldn't get together. The book looks awesome though!! WOW!!!