Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Technique, New WIP

This might look kind of child-like; not sure what I think about it yet. It is a new technique I am practicing from Karen Michel's Complete Guide to Altered Imagery, the January ZNE Book Club study material. This technique involved painting and collaging on gessoed newspaper and using a magazine photo or actual photo to blend into the piece. It was fun, but I don't like my lines, so I just keep messing with it. The leafy scene was also to depict the renga below that I participated in for the ZNE Artists and Poets group.
Foliage falls in a fiery ballet
around me now, around me now.
I surround myself in my cocoon,
safe in the silence.
Alas, Epiphany's voice calls to join in the Autumnal dance.
More about renga style, a second renga and other works of art from the participating poets can be found at ZNE Artists and Poets http://chelise.typepad.com/zne_art_poetry/2008/01/i-dream-of-da-1.html.

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i think it's the childlike quality of this picture that gives it so much charm.
loving it