Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Word Candy? There IS Such a Thing!

I'm usually talking about eye candy all the time, oohing and ahhing over the latest creations of my artsy friends. Still can't get over the beautiful eye candy below in the Valentine heart box of supplies swap. With 50 or so people swapping heart boxes, one has to remember all the actual candy 'candy' that had to be consumed to empty those boxes. Tough work, but someone had to do it!

So today, in another calorie-free repaste, I can share with you some awesome Word Candy: a new blog launches today at http://www.znepoetry.com/. I am thrilled to say I am connected to this wonderful project, not only by being a member of ZNE, but by being a member of the ZNE Art and Poetry sub-group and by my usual 'pick-me, pick-me!' volunteerism which now has me helping to moderate the blog.

Each week I'll be uploading a finished group poem from the ZNE Verses project, a line-at-a-time effort open to more than 600 ZNE members on our network. ZNE actually has about 1,200 members worldwide, but not everyone is active on the private network we have on Ning. Most poems will also have one or more pieces of artwork with them, as well as some will have soundtracks selected by members. It's just a beautiful collaboration!

On top of this, the blog serves as the showcase for the individual poetry efforts of the sub-group as well as any ZNE member. So, it truly is word candy! Our next group project, a Renga, will be posted shortly. The talented artist and poet Jodi Barone http://wildvines.blogspot.com/ heads up this project. We are guided by the fearless leader of ZNE, Chelise Hery http://chelise.typepad.com/, a multi-blogger, artist and poet in her own right/write.

Here's our first ZNE Verse of 2008, but you'll have to head on over to http://www.znepoetry.com/ to see the finished artwork and music. Please do.

She Dreams in Color


So scared of the words with the sharpest edges,
construed meaning that has me standing on proverbial ledges.
Seeking the way across the endless abyss of dreams,
language fails me, a misspoken word derails me, so, instead I'll turn to the images from which my psyche streams.
In my mirror, the words swirl about my face causing an ethereal tattoo, ever changing yet remaining the same.
I close my eyes to it and again wonder if I am to blame.
To all that has been said, I will answer in blood red and cry in cerulean blue.

I dream of a spirit who dances in the air around me, she whisperswho is blaming who?
Thoughts still linger like salt on an open wound,
knowing I must finish the colors of my life, only to sleep and fall back into the abyss of dreams and wonder again, who is blaming who?

Shadows appear in the midst of light,
and then I look, and look again, and seethe clear bright light of truth shine out from me.
I am left to interpret words unspoken under a January moon.
My soul seeks the light, that I may emerge strong and new,
singing songs of life, a new celestial tune.

The necessary brush strokes now completed, I sing beneath a ghostly moon.The stars above sing with me, many and yet few.Again the sleep will come, and I will paint my life anew.


She dreams at night in color and paints in black and white,
shelter for the vivid thoughts her brush is compelled to write.
She lives her real life in her dreams.
The myriad of colors in her soul long to find the light;
A rainbow of colors guides the night.
Rich reds, deep purples, shades of green and aureolin blue dance in sharp contrast
to what her soul knows to be true.
In her hands, colors are woven together in patterns rich with hope:red splashes of passion, of longing and dreams.
Yet she wakes and finds her world is still black and white.
She asks, “Gatekeeper, gatekeeper, guardian of my dreams, pleaselet me pass further into the life that bubbles in the tree's vibrant greens.Why must I sleep?All of life is a dream?”
In time she will complete the canvas of her life.But for now, she dreams in color and wakes to black and white.


Digging through the rubble of the past,swept into a still pile in a far corner of my mind,
I see the light where I was once blind.
Trying to dust away the cobwebs of what once was,
I find the remnants of forgotten momentsshining under the grime, worth saving;
their lives have touched mine.
Gathering these precious memories, I smileas they sink into the cool depths of my soul:healing the hurts they find there,bringing peace and the promise of joy to come,dancing in the slowly rising sun.
Continuing the housekeeping of my spirit,I know contentment will come,the ebb and flow of my very essenceto evolve, never ending.

By ZNE Members in order: Gina Smith, Chelise Hery, Cathy Minerva, Niki Ginder, Jodi Barone, Heidi Eberle, June Sanders, Allison Berringer, Marion Barnett, Laurie Blau-Marshall, Donna Cook, Kathryn Virello.

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