Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Space, My Studio, Myself

I am fortunate to have not one but two workspaces in my house. So, when my ZNE Book Club assignment while workshopping Pretty Little Things by Sally Jean Alexander was to write about and show my studio, it was an assignment I could jump right into. I actually have an office upstairs which I use for my full-time job, where my white wicker desk is surrounded by things I love, such as the little wooden antique desk I inherited. There's not much work space on my desk, but all I really need is a place for my laptop. From here I can check email, work on Excel spreadsheets, presentations, reports, etc. At night, it becomes my ebay, blogging, and uploading spot.
My actual "studio" if it can be called that (and my book club says it CAN), is in the basement great room/family room/whatever. It originally started out as a place to scrapbook. I have a desk, hutch, library table, one-drawer file and other storage spots. However, my desk was easily getting scratched with all my ephemera (I usually just say all my crap), so I decided to enlist a covered card table for my real dirty work, such as paper cutting, gluing, painting, sanding, pasting, stamping, etc.
I am lucky that I have a little kitchenette of sorts with a non-laundry laundry sink where I can wash my brushes, a fridge, a microwave and I even have a rough wooden workbench and pegboard for the really dirty work. And trust me, it gets dirty, which we anal Virgo people hate, so I have not only a vacuum, but a mini shop vac, dirt devil and mini dust buster on my workbench.
If I could do anything differently, I would definitely have a bigger work table as well as a bigger television, as when I am at my desk, I cannot see the TV at the other end of the room- and not because the room is that large! My favorite part is that this is the coldest place in the house, and the white shag rug feels great on bare feet (clean only, of course).

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