Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hello Adoring Fans!

Hello, adoring fans- yep, that's over the top! Especially when I consider there may be zero persons reading this. In any event, welcome to my blog, formerly found at That did not give me functionality and it kept dropping postings, about the same as posting droppings- because it was irritating!

This blog is to support all my nasty habits, like scrapbooking, card-making, rubber stamping, altered arts, collage, mixed media, water colors, crocheting, jewelry-making and, well, I can't remember right now what else I do! It will also be for information on my business as an independent consultant for If you'd like more information, just let me know.
The collage above is my new favorite piece. I've got prints of it on ebay right now. I was so excited to get an offer to join some ebay art groups. I'll post links to those when I have them. There are so many cool groups on ebay. Just type any of the following in search: ATC, ACEO, ZNE, AAMM, IWAM, AWLA

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