Thursday, August 16, 2007

Where Did All the Time Go?

This little stack of envelopes on my desk looked so pretty I just had to take a picture!
Between blogging, scanning, uploading, ebay buying and selling, reading posts, reading other blogs, responding in ebay art groups, ZNE and Artchix (my newest adventure-love their stuff!), I keep wondering where all my creative play time went. Hmmm, imagine that! But, I think most art folk know this drill.
Suddenly and stealthily, all the technical stuff overtakes the creative stuff, and the Muse starts screaming for oxygen or demanding a vacation (gotta love that Muse!). Suffice to say, I have been busy and am making myself crazy with all the things I want to make, but sometimes am just too t.....i...r....e...d...zzzzzzz.
Oops, what was I saying? In any event, I have quickly realized I just cannot blog every day. Besides, I'll bore everyone to death.
On a final note before I go play, I have to say I have been thrilled with some of the blog comments! I have also heard from some well-known and published artists and bloggers, such as JuJu and Lisa Kaus, whose blog and business are both listed at right in my favorites. Visit them both; you won't be disappointed.
Stay tuned for a contest/drawing among comment-makers for some fun art bits surprise gifts!

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