Friday, August 3, 2007

So now that I have my nifty new banner that says Crazy Creative Musings, I feel like I should muse about something. Afterall, my background is writing. Not art. So why is it so hard to write for an audience of perhaps no one about basically nothing- and then expect anyone to want to read it? I guess that explains why I spent the first two days of my life as a blogatrix (blogger sounds so bloated and kind of bogged down) uploading stuff and tinkering with my colors and layout. It's much less revealing- showing pictures, that is, instead of saying what is on one's mind.
That seems like a perfect segue to say I need to go get my hands dirty and play with my stamps and paints and papers and my favorite- watercolor crayons. I need to make some new stuff so I'll have something more to upload. So, instead of 11 posts in one day, I'm going to challenge myself to write two posts a week that say something. No why is the sky blue stuff or my cat is staring at me. Something profound.
Meanwhile, while I think on that, the ZNE website, variaZioNE, for artists/artisans of mixed media, collage, altered art, and assemblage has wonderful examples from super-talented artists as well as great links for shopping, discussion and much more. Enjoy!

PS-Just got the most exciting email! Christine Adolph,, creator of the nautical collection stamps and much more at said she liked my nautical cards I've submitted! That's an amazing compliment. She has a recent new collection of garden motif stamps for Stampington and new foil paper coming out, that were revealed at July's CHA in Chicago.

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