Thursday, October 4, 2007

Another Wonderful Surprise!

When multiple artists come together something good always happens. Of course there is the ZNE benefit auction for Hope Sees A Star going on right now that I blogged about below. There is also a fun little process on our ZNE network home page where these same artists can network to create ZNE Verses or group poetry. As a writer and editor (before I really found art), of course I like to play along.
So imagine my surprise when I check in tonight to find not only a finished work that includes me, entitled "A Blue Wind Blew In," but it is set to one of my pieces of art entitled "Zetti Preschool" and also set to beautiful music by Shawn Colvin called "I Never Saw Blue Like That Before." It just takes my breath away to realize I am part of such a talented group. You can view the home page from the link on the right, or here's a peek, right here in my 95th post. Do come back for my 100th post party!
Here's the poem:
A Blue Wind Blew In Coloring the World it Landed On
With sapphire dust and moonbeam charm.
It hung in the air with sparkle and shine and waited...
And all the dreamers and fairies and angels came out to play.
All of them joyful, all of them grinning, even the queen was elated.
"Play on!" trumpeted the Queen's Jester.
"Yes, do" said her handmaid.
"Whoosh, whooosh," said the wind.
So the dreamers, and the fairies and the angels all danced
-on gossamer wings, perhaps to chance -
a glimpse of blue never seen before.....
And the queen had diamonds in her crown, sparkling so clear and beautiful
And in that blue wind, a periwinkle breeze, carried with it such tender grief,
so poignant and rueful.
Days and weeks and years went by.
Those angels and fairies and gossamer wings fluttering in the sky -
Night falls and the Queen's heart can not contain the joy of the coming dawn -
A place where A Blue Wind Blew In Coloring the World it Landed On.
This poem was written by:
Chelise Stroud Hery, Treva Fox-Christy, Gina Smith, Heidi Eberle. Artwork taken from Gina Smith's ZNE Network Photo Album

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Heidi Eberle said...

Your website looks fabulous! Great link isn't it. I wish I knew how to do all this stuff - I suck at creating web site pages - I have put you in my favorites - I'll be back often!!:)
Heidi (papermuse)