Sunday, October 21, 2007

On My Vacation Part 1, Curly Birds

Doesn't everyone make glittery bird thingies on vacation? I saw this curly-feathered bird at Michael's and couldn't resist making a bird princess like I saw by Cerri at She sells these at Glitter and Grunge and on Etsy. While reading her blog and looking at her Flickr photos, I was also inspired to join the "Pink Ornament Swap," which should come in handy since my white tree will be fuschia and silver this year, after a couple of years as turquoise and brown.

With a bunch of glitter, porcelain roses, ribbon, pearls on eyepins, moss, rhinestones and a crown as well as netting and a grapevine nest, I whipped this up last night. Not to worry, I've been on the beach today (in case anyone thinks I am a 'nerd,' I do plan to have some real vacation). But, it is such a treat to have all day to do whatever I want, and what I want to do is make stuff. In fact, I'm headed out later for more curly birdies.

Speaking of last year's tree, here it is on a particularly bad day. Yes, some people are already thinking of Christmas. I don't like to shop early, but I like to think about my decorating.

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