Friday, October 5, 2007

Halloween + Fairies = Fun ATC Swap

High up on my to-do list for the weekend and now checked off early are five artist trading cards for a swap on Flickr hosted by published artist Lisa Kettell, also known as Moonfaires (not a typo). Lisa is absolutely everywhere- active in ZNE, listing on ebay, publishing zines, books and e-zines, hosting swaps and running multiple blogs. Here is just one of the spots she can be found:

So in a valiant effort to keep pace with her flurry of activity, I completed my cards early. If only I could have a magic wand to poof them off to her. But no, the envelope-, bubble wrap-, stamp- and mail-fairies all want a piece of the action. It's rather ironic, as I really don't consider myself "into" fairies- but I learned that word has a broad definition. Pretty much if it has a hat, wings or wand, it might just be a fairy. Feathers, glitter, crowns, moonbeams: an added plus.

Some of my cards feature ARTchix products like paper and transparencies, and some include items from Lisa's Altered Art on ebay. All include my personality.

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Kristin Hubick said...

These are SOOO wonderful!!!!!!!!!