Friday, October 12, 2007

To Blog Or Not To Blog? That is Not the Only Question.

The other question is: Am I weird? Are my fellow bloggers weird? Oh course I say, "yes!" (I mean to blogging!).

I posted this same question to my fellow bloggers on ZNE (where we can blog in private all we want- and post glorious art). I am enjoying- and feeling good about- the responses.

That made me wonder who else out there feels their family and friends just don't get it. I find only my fellow art friends visit my blog and comment, which is just fine with me! However, even my "normal?" friends who visit my blog regularly still tell me they don't get why I do it or who I am talking to. (actually my journalism training makes me want to write: to whom I am talking, but that sounds so fussy). I also find I use parentheses a lot on my blog posts (because I feel like I have to explain everything). What do you do? What kind of feedback do you get? Do your kids tell you you are having a midlife crisis when you add music to your blog and create an avatar? Does your mom ever visit your blog? Does your DH not tell anyone "my DW has a blog."?Is my problem just a Midwestern thing? We ARE slow to evolve (there's still quite a number of ceramic ducks with raincoats here). What's the deal? Who AM I talking to? And why? :)

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