Thursday, October 25, 2007

Paper Box Has a Bad Hair Day

It doesn't really go together, but this paper whimsy box was created with background inspiration from ABC's "Private Practice" and "Dirty Sexy Money." I think Tim Daly, Donald Sutherland and Peter Krause were my muses tonight. Such serious eye candy on mindless TV.

The box is a paper-covered wood box with two different sizes of aged rose florals. The face is courtesy of Sandra Evertson's book, Fanciful Paper Projects. I decoupaged the face to a wood ball that I had painted dark pink. Thinking I would make a hat or hair, I spent about an hour curling tiny strips of paper, only to end up with frills that look like they belong on turkey legs, or feet, or whatever it is that sticks up.

So, then I tried to make a cone hat, which of course made her look like a Conehead. So I started to draw on black pincurls but stopped myself from going black by using a gold marker, thinking I could always go darker later. Not sure I am happy yet, but I sprayed on some gold glitter for good measure and will study it in the a.m.

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donald sutherland?

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