Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Can't Wait To Start My New Assignment

I am so thrilled to accept an appointment to Gail Schmidt's Tennessee-based Shabby Cottage Studio's Design Team (see nifty little badge at right that will take you to the shop!). Gail http://shabbycottagestudio.blogspot.com/ and I became e-friends through ebay art groups first and then ZNE, and in the process we discovered she used to live in the town of Warsaw, near where I live now and where I also lived.

But those connections didn't get me in; we had to apply to be on the design team, and I am excited to be one of those selected. Our main function will be to make fabulous (hopefully) art using supplies from Gail's store at http://www.shabbycottagestudio.com/. Projects will be posted to inspire and educate Shabby Cottage's customers. We will also brainstorm as a team for Gail and work with specific direction as well as on our own creations. Read all about the Design Team here: http://www.shabbycottagestudio.com/store/WsAncillary.asp?ID=7.

Can't wait to get started. Gail has fabu-licious supplies on her site now, and you must head on over. Let's synchronize our watches. See you there!

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