Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Random Arts- The Love Continues

Imagine my surprise when I check in on my new favorite place- Random Arts in Saluda, NC (blogged about below) - to find that owner Jane Powell has mentioned me on her blog at http://randomartnotes.blogspot.com/. "Mentioned" is the key word here, as Jane splashed my art in big beautiful photos and kind words all over the front of her blog! Thanks, Jane. Love, love, love that little town! And store! And e-commerce at http://www.randomartsnow.com/- go there. Now.

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Loudlife said...

Hey Gina - how cool is that??? Wow! I went over there right away to add my praise to hers. The only thing is...the web address for the blog is incorrect - I had to google it. Here's what I got:


And - I awarded you the newly created "Creative Snit" award! You're in the 3rd generation of recipients! Stop on by for the definition...